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     Too busy to prepare dinner? Need healthy lunch options? Paleo Grab & Go has you covered! We make "CLEAN EATING" easy for busy people. No fuss with grocery shopping or hours in the kitchen preparing food; just delicious Paleo meals pre-made and ready for you to pick-up.

     Paleo Grab & Go is a paleo meal service located in McMinnville, Oregon. We are not "fast food." We do "REAL FOOD" - no packaged foods, no frozen meals. Our meals are freshly prepared and fully-cooked. You simply reheat and enjoy!

     For those people following the Paleo lifestyle, or for those of you that just want to eat HEALTHY, Paleo Grab & Go can help. We know you are busy and we want you to enjoy life; at Paleo Grab & Go we make eating healthy and following the Paleo lifestyle easy. Our menu changes weekly so you will consistently experience a variety of quality foods while never tiring of the ones you love. Try us out today! 




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Sample Weekly Menu

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Taco Salad with Guacamole and “Sour Cream”

Traditional taco meat served on a bed of lettuce topped with homemade pico de gallo.  Fresh guacamole and dairy-free "sour cream" served on the side.


Kalua Pork with Mango Slaw

Hawaiian slow-cooked pork is served with a red cabbage and mango slaw tossed in a creamy lime vinaigrette.


Cilantro Baked Chicken with Roasted Root Vegetables

You’ll love this baked chicken seasoned with fresh cilantro and spices. Paired with a variety of roasted root vegetables. 


Beef and Lamb Kefta with cauliflower tabbouleh and tzatziki sauce

This Middle Eastern kabob is paired with a traditional Arabic salad.  The dairy-free tzatziki is a creamy, tangy cucumber dip flavored with garlic and is the perfect dipping sauce.


Salmon and shrimp cakes with wasabi mayo and kale salad

Salmon and shrimp pancakes flavored with fresh herbs, spices, eggs and a bit of almond flour to hold them together.  Top them with our spicy wasabi mayo!




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